3 years ago
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This recipe is a bit unexpected, but it's a great use of heritage wheat.  Try it out and let us know how it works for you.

1 1/2 C Anarchy Acres Flour or Heritage Wheat Bran
2 T spices
2 Eggs
8 Chicken Drumsticks

Marinate chicken in lemon or lime juice overnight if time permits.  For the breading, wheat bran works best but any extraction flour will also work.  Spices can be anything you find in the closet.  Salt and black pepper always works, any kind of seasoned salt works well, and I especially like cajun blackening seasoning or fish blackening spice.  Actually, my favorite is the blackening spice from the Fish House in Key Largo.  If anyone is going, please pick up a pound for me.  Mix the spice in with the bran or flour and put into a medium sized bowl.

Beat the eggs and dunk each piece of chicken in the eggs, ensuring that they are evenly coated.  Now roll the piece of chicken in the spice/bran mix, and make sure everything is coated well.  Sometimes it helps to pat or press the breading into the chicken.  Try to get them all on the grill at roughly the same time and close the lid.  Thick breading, the best kind, can burn if the fire is too hot, so you are going for an enclosed grill with even but high heat.  

Since the chicken is now covered in breading, I like to use a meat thermometer to check on the drumsticks and get a feel for how the cooking is progressing.  The breading will not give you much of a clue for how well done they are.  I usually turn each piece several times, and work the thicker pieces over the hottest part of the fire.  When they are done, serve and eat!

Breading made from Anarchy Acres flour or wheat bran will work well with fish, meat, and vegetables like eggplant.  Most Italian breading recipes call for some parmesan in the breading.  Search around and don't be afraid to experiment.  Breading is always tasty and appreciated by the recipient, and you don't have to tell anyone how simple it is to prepare.  If you don't have time to deal with a grill, cook in a frying pan or the oven.