3 years ago
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Hi Charlie.  Love your heirloom wheat.  Just went by the Pig the other day and saw they tucked in a fresh supply of Turkey Red.  Thanks.

Got a question about the way the heirloom wheat gets harvested.  My son, a chiropractor in Racine and a hobby farmist in Caledonia, told me how conventional wheat farmers have been using Round-Up (glyphosate) since the 1990's for harvesting purposes.  The Round-Up is sprayed on the wheat 7 to 10 days before harvest to act as a desiccant.  Farmers do this for two reasons:  they can harvest earlier, and the dried out wheat is easier on the machinery to harvest.  The controversy is, that some say there is a residue of Round-Up left on the harvest, which makes its way iinto the flour.  And consequently, some argue that this is the real reason for the uptick in cases of "leaky gut" in the last 20 years, and not GMO or gluten.

I really don't know one way or another about all this, except to say it doesn't sound good to be spraying weed killer on plants right before its harvested and eaten.  Womdering what your thoughts are on the matter.