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Hobbyist/Research Seed

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

From time to time, people ask me for a small sample of wheat seed to grow in their home plots. Since all of the wheat I've propagated from seed libraries has been given to me free of charge, I do not charge for archival amounts of seed. Here is my policy on research seed:

  • Inquire using our contact form to find out if I currently have what you want.

  • Order any product from the website. At checkout, include a note requesting the seed, and I'll return it with your order.

  • Don't try too much at once! There are too many people who tried managing multiple varieties and ended up losing everything.

  • For quantities larger than 5 gm, please purchase wheat berries from our store.

  • Have fun. Some of this seed is centuries old, and it's very special!

Maintained Varieties (as of Fall 2021):

  • Wisconsin Pedigree No 2

  • Marquis

  • Red Fife

  • Early Red Fife

  • Java

  • Haynes Bluestem

  • Goldcoin

  • Red May

  • Krymka

  • Early Noe

  • Dixon

Older Stock:

  • Red Clawson

  • Bacska

  • Racine

  • Dakota

  • Montana #36

  • Nebrask #6

  • Progress

  • Champlain

  • Purplestraw

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