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About Anarchy Acres

At Anarchy Acres our mission is to bring back wheat varieties that were significant to Wisconsin's agricultural past.  We believe that our region's past can guide us towards good tasting, healthy, and sustainable products for today.

We believe that advances in productivity, created for the market and designed for the convenience of automation, do not always translate to the best tasting, healthiest, and most sustainable crop system. We do everything we can to bring you authentic heritage wheat with established provenance.

To work towards our mission, we plant, grow, and harvest all of our wheat ourselves, so we know exactly how the crop has been handled. The flour we sell is milled on site using a stone mill designed and built here at the farm. We do not keep more than a few pounds of flour in stock at any time, ensuring that the flour you receive is the freshest possible.

We never stop researching and learning. The test plot on the homestead is of paramount importance, and every turn of the season teaches us more about the wheat we are growing. The test plot is where we make comparisons of different wheat strains, and grow out historic samples of wheat varieties obtained from international seed banks like the USDA Small Grains Collection and the Australian Winter Cereals Collection. Right now we are growing out wheat varieties that have not been grown or consumed anywhere for over a century.  We hope you will help us out by purchasing our products or sharing this website with friends and family.

We appreciate the support of our customers and look forward to learning from you. Please use the contact form or stop by the farm some time. We'd love to see you!

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