Our original interest at Anarchy Acres was in hard red wheats, and it was only by chance that Charlie obtained an archival sample of Goldcoin seed from the USDA collection in 2016.  Since then, the wheat has really caught our interest.  It is an awnless type of wheat, with very tall and strong stems.  Goldcoin was selected from a field of Diehl Mediterranean wheat by a New York farmer in the late 19th century.  The seed was improved by simple selection and the new variety became popular in several states, including a few fields in Wisconsin.


At harvest time, the color and texture of Goldcoin is spectacular.  The seed heads have indescribable tones, and the upper stems often turn purple.  The berries are nearly white, and soft.  As of 2021 the sample has been increased to a 1/4 acre planting.  Goldcoin has been very healthy in the fields and it appears to be productive.  We diverted a couple pounds into the kitchen and baked a small loaf of bread with it, which tasted great.  We suspect that the greatest potential for this 19th century Wisconsin wheat is in quick bread like muffins, cookies, and pancakes.  Look for it once we have enough to begin selling Goldcoin.  It looks like a winner.