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Heritage Wheat from Wisconsin
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Welcome to our virtual farmstand.  At Anarchy Acres, we are devoted to re-creating special wheat varieties from the past, and making them available to bakers today.  We have been working hard since 2014 to find the wheat that made Wisconsin a leading producer in the 19th century, and to grow that wheat today in a way that reflects traditional farming practices.  Our flour is healthy, good tasting, and available right now.  Happy Baking!

Our hand-printed flour bags

All of our two-pound and four-pound flour bags are printed by hand on the farm using our antique letterpress.  This machine was manufactured in Boston in the 1880's and makes beautiful impressions on our kraft-flour bags.  The design of the bags is inspired by the advertising of the 19th century and includes an engraving based on an actual photograph of Charlie harvesting Marquis wheat by hand one year.  On the backs of most bags we have added our favorite quotes from literature and a guide to heritage wheat uses in the kitchen.  We want every part of growing and marketing wheat to be beautiful, and the letterpress exemplifies our values perfectly.

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Donkeys on Anarchy Acres

Miniature donkeys Rosie, Cassie, and Sebastian have called our farm home since 2012.  Although our commercial wheat plots are planted and harvested using tractors, the team of donkeys are an important part of the operation.  Every one of our archival wheat varieties was initially cultivated and propagated using donkey power, and each fifty-pound sack of grain is moved from the fanning mill to the granary using only donkey power.  On our four-acre homestead, no tractor or petroleum powered device is allowed in food production.  It's all done by Rosie, Cassie, and Sebastian, known to the world as Team Anarchy.

Anarchy Acres in the Media

Emmy-award winning episode of Wisconsin Foodie, featuring Charlie, the donkeys, and the homestead

Milwaukee alternative newspaper visits the farm to learn about heritage wheat and flour from Anarchy Acres

Food writer Jennifer Rude Klett with suggestions for using heritage grains in holiday baking

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel visits our very first harvest of Turkey Red wheat on the Spring Street field

Edible Milwaukee article written by Charlie about the two times that Turkey Red wheat came to the New World

Charlie's article in Mother Earth News about the exciting resurgence of heritage wheat in the marketplace

Rural Heritage Magazine article written by Charlie about sustainability on the modern homestead

The 2022 Wheat Harvest

Charlie discusses the 2022 harvest, in the field, and in the kitchen.  Marquis, Red Fife, Java, Wisconsin No 2, and Goldcoin are all described with an eye towards their best uses by cooks and bakers.

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