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Rosie's New Harness

Rosie's New Harness

Rosie was concerned.

Her harness had been missing for days.

The Friendly Farmer took Cassie and
Sebastian to plow the field without her!

What happened to her harness?

Was she still part of the team?

The first book in the Team Anarchy series brings readers into the life of the donkeys and their experiences with (and without!) a complete team on their animal-powered farm.


What readers are saying about “Rosie's New Harness”


Charlie Tennessen develops strong relationships with people, animals and the land at his Anarchy Acres farm in southeastern Wisconsin. His commitment to authenticity and attention to detail is demonstrated in this beautiful book. The story engages the reader on many levels, delivering a message to impact younger readers but also engaging those who are reading it to them. The original collection of artwork illustrates the story beautifully.


I look forward to buying more books in the Team Anarchy series.


–Joe Mischka
Publisher, Rural Heritage Magazine




What a great book! Entertaining and engaging for a six year old but with a lot of good lessons about life. This book has led my daughter and I to have some amazing talks about teamwork, frustration, hard word, friends and more after reading this book. Cannot wait to keep reading about the Anarchy Acres team! BTW, when my daughter found out that Rosie and the other donkeys are REAL donkeys on a REAL farm in Wisconsin, she is begging me to visit them. I think a road trip to Wisconsin may be in the cards one day soon to visit the farm!


–Purchaser on Amazon



I am a 5th grader in Utah. I just read your book. Here is my feedback:

1. I liked that you added personality to the donkeys.

2. I really like that Rosie was always begging to get back on the team.

3. I liked the stuff the farmer did.

4. I really like all of the colors you used. Question what did you use to make the harness?


–Enrique, Utah



I read this book aloud to my 9, 7, and 4 year-old nieces and nephew and they were completely mesmerized by the pictures and story. I read them several books in the course of the Thanksgiving weekend and this was the only one that all three were focused and quiet enough to hear a pin drop–a rarity when all three of them are together! I asked them what they thought of the story afterwards and they said, "It was great!" and they had several questions about the story. Personally as a teacher, I found it has the right balance of being educational and engaging for children.


–Sister Rejane Cytacki

Director, Eco-Justice Center

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