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Stone Milling

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

All Anarchy Acres flour is milled at the farm, in small batches prior to shipping out. The millstones were made in Denmark and the mill was designed and built in the winter of 2015. We do not stockpile any product, so the flour is always as fresh as it can be.

A lot of the success people are having is due to our stone mill and small batch milling. When grain is run through a stone mill, the oils and nutrients found in the germ and bran are crushed into the endosperm, and the resulting texture is different than flour made in a roller mill. I have compared the stone milled flour with a countertop hammer mill and found there is just no comparison--the stone milled flour makes a stronger dough and the bread rises higher. Equally important, the mill is run several times a week, meaning that the flour going out the door is as fresh as possible. To preserver freshness, we recommend refrigerating (or freezing) your flour, or using it up within 6 months.

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