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Blé de Noé

Blé de Noé

Pastries, pancakes, quick breads. Can be used for leavened bread in a pinch. 



tastes like a baugette on the streets of Paris


medium white winter wheat



  • In the Kitchen

    Flaky crumb and deceptively cream-colored flour. It's not like any other flour we have seen before.

  • In the Field

    We began growing Blé de Noé by accident. I was astounded the first time I saw blue-stemmed wheat during trials in 2016. My contact at the USDA seed archive noted that Blé de Noé also grows with a colored stem, and somehow that was a reason for me to start the arduous journey of growing it out to quantity. Later I discovered that Blé de Noé is a classic wheat of France, and french bread is the first thing I ever tried to bake. So continued working with Blé de Noé until I had enough seed to plant a full field. This crop came out of our Newman field, a fully-organic and chemical-free stretch of ground. The field contained sweet clover, timothy grass, numerous insect species, as well as a bountiful crop of wheat.

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