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Java Flour Combo

Java Flour Combo

Our classic three-bag flour combo, now with Goldcoin, Wisconsin No 2, and Java!  If there is a rarer combination of flour for sale anwhere, we haven't heard of it.  Java records in the US go back to the early 19th century, where it was sometimes known as Black Tea.  Our 2022 crop is the first time anywhere that Java has been sold commercially since the 1920's.  The wheat is dark, flavorful, and high in protein.  We have made the lightest bread ever on the farm using the 2022 Java crop.  The Java combo also includes the incredibly rare Goldcoin flour, Wisconsin's white wheat.  Wisconsin No 2, the classic Turkey Red of Wisconsin, rounds out this very special three-bag combo pack.  Available in two pound (6 lbs total) and four pound (12 lbs total) sizes.  Each combo contains one bag each of Goldcoin, Wisconsin No 2, and Java.  We have been working since 2014 to offer such an incredible piece of edible history!  Thanks for joining us in our excitement.

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